The MSc in Game Design & Development is a two-year program (level 9) which takes place over four semesters. Students are encouraged to use the summer break between years 1 and 2 to expand their game horizons, exploring experimental work and working on independent game projects. 

Year 1 Autumn:

  • Game Design I: Game Mechanics
  • Game & Physical Environments I
  • Rapid Game Prototyping (Programming)
  • Physical Computing

Year 1 Spring:

  • CS Studio I (team-based game)
  • Game Design II: System Design
  • Game Criticism & Analysis
  • Specialisation Elective

Year 2: Autumn:

  • CS Studio II (paired with CS Studio III for a year-long, team-based game)
  • Interactive Narratives
  • Game Balance
  • Specialisation Elective

Year 2: Spring:

  • CS Studio III

In addition to the core program above, students are allows to specialise in one of four areas (others available with course director permission):

  • Game System Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Interactive Media
  • Game Audio